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tangfan 07-23-2010 05:21 PM

Can you fix it?
I'm 64 and was born with a defect in both hands. The middle and 'pinkie' fingers appear to be shorter than normal. (Actually I prefer to think they are normal and everyone else's are odd!) On viewing an x-ray you can see that the metacarpal bones are short by about 1/2". This is really noticeable when I clench a fist.

I've put up with the stares and questions and trying to hide my hands all my life, but after seeing what is possible these days, I'd love to have even just one hand that looked like everyone else's (even though they are odd :-) )

I guess it would mean somehow stretching these bones and tendons, and I'm quite prepared to put up with the physiotherapy and pain etc.

Also worth note that my hands work fine, my grip could be better, but I have no pains etc.

Am I just being vain and should be grateful, after all, there are much worse things to have wrong?

mtomaino 07-26-2010 01:04 PM

Thanks for your post. The condition you have has been described and most likely is "idiopathic bilateral brachymetacarpia". In layman's "speak" --your metacarpal bones are shorter than normal. While short bones can be lengthened, either by distaction osteogenesis, or by insertion of bone graft, this is not without potential complication, particularly in the hand where the lengths of the nerves and tendons are fixed.
Because you have "normal" function and no pain, I would not recommend any treatment. Though the appearance of your hands may inspire others to behave rudely, visa vis their comments, you keep doing what you've done for 64 years---ignore the comments and be well!

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