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@IXC If you are able to could you let the forum know how your recovery has been? I'm of the same mindset to not do the surgery.

@Dr. Tomaino
I'm 36 and enjoy training a lot, i'm not a body builder, but I simply enjoy excercise ALOT and enjoy MMA as well. I'm not a big fan of surgery so I"m likely to opt for not doing it unless there was some significant reason to have it done. My work insurance will cover the entire surgery so money is not an issue...mainly I can't imagine being cut open and rehab if it's primarily for cosmetic purposes. My proximal bicep tendon ruptured on Tuesday. Still can enjoy full ROM, no bruising or swelling, no pain, a little tenderness in suprispinatus area but like I said...full ROM. Aside from cosmetics is there any long term benefits to having the surgery done? Long term consequences for not having it done that you are aware of?
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