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Thank you for your questions------very good questions!!

Regarding "Return to work" óbecause this is a nonsurgical treatment--which involves an injection and then a manipulation the next day, and no need for therapy other than a splint--one can resume normal activity after the successful cord release (within a few days).

For a more severe contracture, for example-- contractures from 20-100 degrees , studies have indicated an average of 1.7 the truth is that 1-2 injections may prove effective.

Regarding concern about insurance coverage for treatmentómy office staff will be able to check with insurance to see what coverage will be including what your responsibility is. This will be done before any drug is ordered. In short, I will evaluate a patient with Dupuytrens and based on the assessment check this all out or, alternatively, make the determination that xiaflex is not an option.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
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