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I apologize for the delay in my response. I have attached the xray you showed me, which is a grade 3 injury. My recommendation, in general, is to give this type of injury at least 3 months-- as it may get better. Long-term, reconstructions have been unsuccessful in "holding the clavicle" in a completely corrected position. So---the indication for surgery is NOT correction of the "bump/deformity" but Pain Relief. I have tried the various arthroscopic techniques and have gone back to an open coracoclavicular type reconstruction as described bt Mazzoca using tendon allograft and biotenodesis screws. But, I think there is very little downside to seeing how it goes and holding off on surgery for a few months. If PT and rest do not result in a satisfactory return of function, your surgical outcome, if surgery is elected, will not be compromised due to the delay.
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