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Default 3 Degrees of Separation

about 3-4 years ago I suffered a fall and injured my right shoulder. My Dr. told me that it was a 3rd degree seperation. My Clavical bulges up. He explained to me that surgery on this injury often causes more problems than it solves.. and unless I was a professional baseball pitcher I should pass on surgury. He sent me to Physical Rehab. I did that for a period then basically stopped and went on with my life.
To this day it is very hard for me to sleep on my right side (I'm a side sleeper) very long before the pain makes me reposition. There is a day to day underlying pain (low-grade) that I live with always. And if I really use my arm hard (tennis - sailing etc.) It hurts pretty well for a few days. Pain is my issue.
I have a new GP who said that a cortizone shot might help with the pain... but I'd like to know your thoughts also before I get anything done.
Do I just need to stop crying and suck it up or is there anything that can be done to ease my pain?
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