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Default March 2011 J Shoulder and Elbow Publication Update

In the March 2011 edition of the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, two publications provide valuable information regarding outcomes after Total shoulder replacement.

In "Patient reported activities after shoulder replacement: total and hemiarthroplasty" Dr Cofield and co-investigators from the Mayo Clinic report no difference in patient-reported activities when comparing those who had a Total with those who had a Hemi. Conventional thinking is tht Hemi allows more activities. In addition, Total shoulder replacement resulted in better motion and strength.

In "Long-term activity restricitons after shoulder arthroplasty: an international survey of experienced shoulder surgeons" 47 North American and 52 European surgeons share their opinions regarding what is allowed. Suffice it to say that the most restrictions were after Reverse arthroplasty, and for the most part, activities with a high risk of falling and repetetive demands on the arm were of concern. The article did not provide any data regarding lifting restrictions.

Both of these articles can be viewed as PDF's at this link:
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