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Default Biceps rupture - proximal long head tendon

Good morning,

I would like to ask about your experience and results with biceps tendon rupture - in my case proximal long head tendon.
It seems to be common injury, but unfortunately I was not able to find too much informtion about the treatments comparison (from the pacient's perspective).

Specific information areas of interest:

- what would be the typical situation requiring/recommending surgery versus conservative treatment

- what are usually most important (subjective) aspects of the positive/negative outcomes for the patients by type of treatment and short/long-term time horizon

- what could be the decisive moments/facts to change the type of treatment (before the final decision is made)

- anything else what comes to your mind which would help me with the decision - statistics, observations, stories related to functionality and strength of affected hand with respect to type of the treatment.

I would appreciate if you could find few moments of your time to address my questions/share your experience.

Thank you.
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