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Old 12-05-2010, 06:56 PM
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Default Reverse Shoulder Rplacement 10 Week Progress

If you are considering the Reverse Shoulder Replacement you may be interested in how my progress is coming after 10 weeks after surgery.
First off my injury is one that occured over 35 years ago and has had previous surgery with the replacement of the ball on my right arm over 22 years ago.I am right handed. I got quite abit of use out of that surgery but wore it out to the point that I was in quite abit of pain with simple tasks such as riding a bicycle or even playing golf. The doctors that did the origional surgery did an excellent job but were unable to do more as I have no rotator cuff left and the way I have used my arm has trained muscles to compensate for pain greatly reducing my motion. I then heard about Dr. Tomanio who introduced me to this proceedure and with some research and alot of faith I decided to go thru with the procedure.
On the 16th of September I had the procedure done at Rochester General Hospital. The care there was wonderful and I spent 3 days and nights in the hospital. The pain was well controlled with the use of a block which lasted 18-24hrs. Then meds thru an IV for 2 days then pain pills by mouth which I stopped after 3 days out of the hospital. The pain was very bearable. The following Friday the stitches were removed and I started Theropy twice a week at Sports PT. The theropy is going along very well. I need to tell you that it is alot of work but you get out of it what you put in it. When I first started I could hardly straighten my arm. Today I have about 60% range of motion with absolutely no pain. I can achive about 85-90% with assistance my problem is that I do not have the strength. Remember, I was compensating alot prior to my surgery and I need to wake up and redevelop the muscles that have atrophed. This will come and my goal is to achived 90 - 100%. It will be alot of hard work and I honestly do not plan on a total range of motion but and am giving myself 1 year before I say that I am done. But I am Pain free. Doctor T. asks that I don't move any Refrigerators.

Would I do it again???? You bet I am very pleased and very Optimistic.
The end of December I will be going down to Florida for the Winter where I plan on riding my Bike and Golfing Pain Free.

I hope that this has helped anyone who may have concerns about having this type of surgery. It is a major surgery and it is an individual decision.

Mike S.
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Old 12-20-2010, 02:13 PM
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Smile Reverse Shoulder To Be Done In Feb. 2011

I have not had this done yet but will be getting it in Feb. I am praying for a favorable outcome as I've already had the total replacement of the right shoulder. I have so much pain and my motion is very limited. This situation is also complicated with my lupus flares. I make an enormous amount of fibrous tissues right after the surgery therefore it impeds the movement which makes the PT difficult. We have tried everything to decrease my scarring after surgery? It seems my body goes into overdrive to protect itself from itself right after the surgery, while on the table it appears that I do well. It is afterwards is where we seems to have the problem. Dr. Tomanino do you have any suggestions? My joints are all very bad and I have seen many Dr's who have been scratching their heads sending me to others. Many saying they have never seen anything like this before and considered my case to be to much for them to handle. The Dr. I have now I thank God for him he's been a blessing and really working hard trying to find the answer on how to fix this problem.
Thank you in advance Lupae,
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Old 12-27-2010, 07:05 PM
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If you form scar tissue, early passive range of motion by the therapist may be very valuable. If you are having a Reverse replacement, as opposed to an Anatomic Total design, there may be less risk of disrupting a repair of your rotator cuff. I am sure your Doctor will consider your history. Best of luck to you.
Dr T
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