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Old 05-02-2010, 12:08 PM
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Default "Tomaino Care": What does this mean?

Science and technology are undeniably critical ingredients to improving the quality of healthcare and the delivery thereof, today. Add to that a role for “standardization”—treatment pathways and protocols—and hopefully best practices and acceptable cost of care is provided. Unfortunately, large scale " Orthopaedic care offerings" are increasingly "institutionalized"--meaning--they are literally running patients through, frequently leveraging Physician extenders until surgery is felt necessary, or even worse, if surgery is not needed. It's as if an authentic "relationship" with your Orthopaedic Surgeon is now not part of the equation, despite our fundamental desire, I would think, to build a trusting partnership with our doctor. This past week I saw a patient who had significant shoulder arthritis. She shared with me that her Surgeon never uncrossed his arms to examine her over the course of a year--ever--and she expressed doubt as to whether he actually performed her surgery. Interesting that in 2010, we jeopardize our patients' trust in us, despite expertise and experience, by failing to resonate with them as truly caring individuals.

This reminded me of a Blog I wrote about a year ago, which can be found on the drtomaino.com website under "monthly insight blogs" about the art and science of medicine. I have posted it on the re-armyourself Facebook page as well. It's worth the read. It reminds us that a “Wal-Mart” model probably won’t work for medical care, because “Science [alone] isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” A critical component of care that may be lost amidst Centers of Excellence, Institutes, and large scale offerings---particularly marketed in the current climate of “consumerism”, is the “Art” of Medicine.

Despite efficiency, patient individuality prevents mass-produced medicine, thus patients can’t go through the system like cars on an assembly line. Patients respond to diseases and popular treatments differently. Part of the “art” is recognizing the individuality of [each] patient and respecting the fact that people are not all the same.

There is indeed a balance in Orthopaedic Surgery between High Technology and High Touch. TOMAINO CARE is meant to reflect a Brand that includes both.
My blog a year ago mentions that “By reaching out and touching their patients, doctors show compassion and solidarity with them. Patients begin the healing process simply by gaining a companion who is trying to help relieve their suffering. Doctors also encourage patients to participate actively in their care [and] have the authority to critique [their] participation and act as guides……The power to heal goes beyond curing the human body. Illness is not a biologic or physical entity alone. Science and technology alone can’t deliver the kind of healthcare that we want. Compassionate application of the “art of medicine” plays a role."

Seems like a big task----and it is. But it goes hand in hand with the privilege of helping patients feel better--not just their shoulder, hand and elbow.

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Old 08-03-2010, 04:26 PM
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Default I Agree

Dr. Tomaino,

One of the conversations thay we had during my evaluation was that I
feel I have a "Good Judge of Character" The reson that I said that was I
did have a feeling that you want to do the best you can. But what really
reenfofrced my feelings was that you wanted to change my surgery tp a latter
date as you would have been out of the country right after the initial date and
your concience wouldn't allow you to do that shoiud something unexpected
happen. I believe that we are a team and look forward to a very succesful Surgery.

Mike S
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Old 08-13-2010, 12:46 PM
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Thank you Mike---I look forward to helping you!
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