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Default Forearm Pain

I am new to this forum but was referred by some people at my gym. I am experiencing severe pain in both of my forearms that has left both my trainer and Chiro/PT completely perplexed. There are very specific movements that tend to set it of to the point that I am left with absolutely no grip strength: Rowing, pull-ups, cleans (a standard movement involving bringing weight from the floor to the shoulders), and some other like movements. Then again, I can do other movements, even with heavy weight, that do not bother me at all. This has been going on for several months.

I'm not exactly sure what to do next but to talk to a specialist. Is this an appropriate forum for posting this type of scenario? Any advice that you may have would be much appreciated. I am anxious to rid myself of this recurring injury.

Thank you!
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Thanks for your post. What you are experiencing is most likely either a muscle strain or tendonitis. If the pain radiates to either side of the elbow, then it is probably the later. If your therapist is perplexed then it makes sense to see an arm specialist to figure out both what is going on, and what to do next!!
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