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Old 11-21-2014, 03:36 PM
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Default New Device Originating from "Cardiac Stent" Technology Innovates Treatment of Distal

I was recently invited to visit Conventus Orthopaedics in Minneapolis to learn about a truly innovative alternative for the treatment of fractures of the distal radius. This "disruptive" alternative to plates and screws is the result of application of technology translated from the cardiac stent industry, and utilizes an expansile nitinol implant which can be placed inside the bone through a small incision. Once expanded within the bone, it provides a substructure to which fragments can be securely fixed with screws that are placed through small incisions. This same technology will soon be available to revolutionalize the way we treat fractures of the proximal humerus, pending FDA approval.

The value proposition is a quicker recovery of range of motion, less pain, and fewer complications because large incisions and soft tissue stripping are avoided.This device, because it can be placed through a tiny 2 cm incision, and requires no soft tissue damage, may expand the role of surgery for even simple fractures---obviating the need for a cast for several weeks. And for more complex fractures that require surgery unequivocally, it is a minimally invasive alternative to plate application which requires a large incision, with more soft tissue mobilization/stripping.

This is currently FDA approved, has beed studied extensively in Europe, and has shown excellent biomechanical strength and reproducible results.

For years in Orthopaedic Surgery the conventional approach has been to place a rigid plate onto a broken bone and secure it with screws, and although this has worked, it has been associated with some unavoidable complications occasionally, such as stiffness and delayed recovery. The attraction of this new device is that it can be safely placed via a much less invasive technique, which results in less pain, and quicker recovery of range of motion. As a result, for patients with both simple and complex fractures, the options have now expanded.

I was extremeIy impressed with my entire experience at Conventus---the integrity of senior leadership, the brilliance of the scientists, and the culture of the organization were exceptional----clearly reflecting the Company's overwhelming mission to help patients by transforming our traditional approach. I am privileged to have been invited by Conventus leadership so that patients in Rochester and throughout Upstate New York might be evaluated as potential candidates for this exciting new treatment alternative. If you would like to read more about this product visit: www.conventusortho.com

If you are unfortunate enough to slip and fall this winter, and to sustain a fracture of your distal radius, you may benefit from this innovative alternative. For more information about its potential role in your care, contact me at Dr Tomaino at www.drtomaino.com
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